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Copyright Symbol

Copyright is a process of protecting the exact expressions of innovative work. That work cannot be copied or illegitimate by any of the third party. In case of plagiarism or violates of copyright powers, the actual holder can claim against the infringement party. Well, symbol plays a vital role in depicting the copyright on the particular work. If you put copyright symbol adjacent on your product means your product is copyright and in case of any infringement would subjected to legal notice. Copyright symbol usually consist ‘c’ within circle ©. This symbol C within circle makes your product safe from any plagiarism. All the rights of reproduction, distribution and public displays are held with copyright owner. Any use of these copyright products without informing the actual owner would mark you with legal notice. All creative intellectual works likewise science researches, literature innovations, architecture design research, cinema and music innovative work and other creative and unique goods and services belonging to copyright powers.

The copyright symbol subject line must be presented in the specific form as suggested by regulate authorities as mentioned below

Copyright © 2012 [COPYRIGHT HOLDER NAME]. All Rights Reserved.

In the above subject line, the symbol © follows the word “copyright” where the date should be followed the symbol. Here, we insert the date on which the product was being got ready to launch in the corporate market. After this, the name of actual owner comes in order to mention the copyright holder. The name may be brand, a business entity, individual or several individuals.

Use Of Copyright Symbol

Copyright symbol depicts the powers and rights in respect of reproduce / distribute / public promotion and lots more to the respective products and services. All these powers are granted by registrar of office of copyright to the actual owner of copyright. Without copyright symbol, it’s never been easy to find out which product has copyright or which not. Thus, it is free to use copyright symbol on your product if your product is registered under copyright act. If you want to list your copyright symbol in word then you may use c along with “alt” and 0-1-6-9 OR you may also type d in word and then type stat brackets and then close brackets this results in ©. Thus, it is very easy to use copyright symbol while using word. For registration you can avail services from any of the top law firm in India.

Copyright Symbol Services

Copyright symbol services include registering a particular copyright within the act of registrar office of copyright. Different countries generally hold different rules for copyright symbol services. Like in India, the registrar office of copyright is in Delhi from where they regulate all types of copyright processes for all the states. If one needs to register copyright symbol in India for a particular product then he or she must file an application in registrar office in Delhi. Well, it consist several steps and procedures where one needs to follow while applying for copyright symbol registration in respect of different goods and services. Therefore, to get out off hassle, you may contact to law firm in india in order to avail quality services regarding all types of IPR services including patent, copyright, trademark and lots more.

As per the above worthy information about the Copyright Symbol and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Copyright Symbol in the different segments of the nation.