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Copyright Registration in West Bengal

A copyright registration is extremely important for protecting creative works like literature, music, drama, films etc from exploitation from any third party. A legal action can be taken by a copyright owner against any person who carries out infringement in the copyright work. The copyright owner is entitled to a number of solutions by way of damages, injunctions or accounts. Copyright registration West Bengal is a lengthy process and involves certain legal formalities and enquiries. Copyright services in West Bengal can be completed with the service extended by legal consultants who work in the area of Copyright registration. Copyright registration online in West Bengal is also possible because this is a very convenient way of completing the task. It saves a lot of time, effort and energy and the process can be completed more comfortably by filing an application online. The series of steps followed in copyright registration service West Bengal is briefed below.

Copyright services in West Bengal

Filing of the application is the first and foremost duty in the copyright services in West Bengal. The application ought to be filled up very carefully as any wrong information may to the cancellation of the claim in the later stage of the proceedings for the copyright registration process.

Once the application is submitted to the concerned department in the office of the Copyright Registrar, a Diary number is formed in 2-3 weeks and communicated to the applicant claiming the copyright certification. The diary number is to be preserved very carefully as this is needed as a reference in future proceedings.

After the formation of the diary number, the case is considered for substantive examination to make sure that the information fed by the applicant is genuine. It takes a fair 6 weeks time for the examination to be conducted. Then after the sixth week, the result is communicated to the applicant. Non-compliance of the objections may lead to the rejection of the application. If the applicant complies with the objections, he is given a month’s time to work on it and rectify the objections. After a month, the application is sent for re-examination. If all is found to be perfect, then the applicant is granted with a Copyright certificate. If the objections are not yet solved after the re-examination, then the applicant is given no third chance for any rectification. Instead his application is deemed to be abandoned.

Copyright Registrar office in West Bengal

The copyright registration services West Bengal can be completed with the help of any of the legal consultants engaged in this genre of legal work. However, all legal formalities are carried on at the Copyright Registrar Office at Parliament Street in New Delhi. The information regarding these services is available online as well. One can also gain relevant information this way. This medium has offered lot of advantages to people seeking information on Copyright registration in West Bengal.

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