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Copyright Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Copyright offers a right to all those people who have created unique piece of original works of authorship to copy, carry out distribution and perform their works for a set period of time. Protected works include music, photographs, sculptures, paintings, books, plays, movies digital files and web pages which are valuable creations and are worth protecting so that these cannot be duplicated by anybody else or mishandled. Copyright registration Uttar Pradesh is a fairly long process where a number of formalities are to be fulfilled. Copyright services in Uttar Pradesh can be executed with a help of any of the consultants who assist in doing these works. Copyright registration online in Uttar Pradesh is possible and more and more applicants prefer this method to save time and energy and get the work done.

Copyright Services in Uttar Pradesh

The first step in the process of obtaining a Copyright Certificate for any creative work according to the norms of copyright registration Uttar Pradesh is filing an application for the same in association with any legal consultant who is engaged in the Copyright registration services.

Once the application form is rightly filed and submitted to the office of the Registrar for the approval, a Diary number is generated in 2-3 weeks. This Diary number is to be kept by the applicant for future reference. Whenever there would be any interaction with the Copyright Registrar office, the Diary number is required all the times. Thus, it is very crucial to preserve it with extreme care.

Then it takes a fair six weeks time for the Registrar office to conduct a substantive examination of the application submitted by the claimant of the Copyright for his/her work. It is examined whether the creation is genuine and all facts and figures are in right place. If there are any objections found, they are intimidated to the applicant after the sixth week of application. On non-compliance of objection or objections, the application is abandoned. A period of 30 days is given to the applicant to comply with the objection and make corrections in it. After the corrections are done, the case is re-examined. This is the last chance to correct all the objections as no other chance is given to the applicant after this. After the re-examination, it is either accepted or rejected.

On acceptance, a Copyright certificate is awarded to the applicant. Once the applicant gets a Copyright Certificate for his creation, he/she can pursue an infringement action against someone who used his or her work without authorization.

Copyright Registrar Office in Uttar Pradesh

Though there are a number of consultants in different cities of Uttar Pradesh who can assist you in obtaining a Copyright certificate, the formalities are carried out in the Copyright registrar Office in Parliament Street, New Delhi.

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.