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Copyright Registration in Sikkim

Copyright is necessary to protect the unique creations of work from vested interest of any third party. A copyright can protect inventions in the field of art, literature, films, etc from being ill-used by others or to prevent anybody else to take the credit of the invention. It protects the copywriter’s work and prevents it from producing copies, presenting the creation in public or broadcasting it any of the mass medium like television, radio or web. Not only these, it also provides moral rights to the creator to be identified for its unique creation. It prevents any third party from exploiting the creation by making any distortion or taking monetary benefits out of it. A creation has an automatic copyright but is always safer to go for a copyright registration as the documentation is a legal proof that remains with the creator. Copyright registration Sikkim involves a number of legal phases to be completed back to back. On the successful completion of the entire copyright services in Sikkim, a certificate of copyright is awarded to the applicant. Copyright registration service Sikkim is briefed in the piece of writing.

Copyright Services in Sikkim

The first and foremost duty in the process of copyright registration is to filing of the application at the office of Registrar of Copyright services. The applicant should be very careful while filling up the particulars in the application form as any wrong information may lead to the cancellation of the claim of the applicant.

After the filing of the application, a diary number is created for the application within 2-3 weeks of the filing of the application. The Diary number is the identity of the application and is needed in all the phases of the application. Thus, it is very crucial for the applicant to preserve the diary number provided to him or her.

After the diary number is created, the application is sent for substantive examination by the concerned authority to ensure that all particulars furnished by the applicant are correct and genuine. The examination takes a fairly 6 weeks to get completed and the results are communicated to the applicant after the sixth week. If any inconsistency is found, then the objections against it are raised and the applicant is communicated about the objections. In case of non-compliance of the objections, the application is deemed to be cancelled. In case, the applicant wants to rectify them, he is given a month’s time. After the month is over, the application is re-examined to find whether everything is perfect and the copyright certificate is awarded to the applicant.

Copyright Registrar Office in Sikkim

There are a number of copyright agents who assist the creators in getting a copyright certificate for their creations.

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.