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Copyright Registration in Rajasthan

Copyright registration is very crucial for creators of literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. Copyright in material produced by a Government department belongs to the Government of India. Copyright owners have a right to authorize or prohibit a number of situations. Copying of a work in any way is prohibited under the Copyrights Act. For example photocopying or reproducing a printed page by handwriting, typing, scanning into a computer or taping live or recorded music is prohibited. Issuing copies of the work created can be done only by the copyright owner and not anybody else. Public delivery of lectures or speeches regarding a particular work of art can be given by the copyright owner. Rajasthan is a state very inclined to the art and handicrafts and is one of the biggest cultural hubs of India. Many artists reside here and thus obtaining a Copyright certificate for their work is very crucial for them. Copyright registration Rajasthan entails a series of legal processes which are to be fulfilled in order to obtain a Copyright Certificate. Copyright registration service Rajasthan can be fulfilled by the assistance of any of the legal practitioners who will guide you to follow the proper method. Copyright registration online in Rajasthan is also possible.

Copyright services in Rajasthan

First of all, filing of the application is to be done for the copyright registration in Rajasthan. The particulars are to be very carefully filled as any false information may lead to the cancellation of the application in due course of time.

Once the application is filed and submitted to the concerned authority, it takes 2-3 weeks of time to generate a Diary number which acts as the identity of the application. This Diary number of the application is to be preserved carefully by the applicant as it has to be referred for future use.

Once the diary number is generated, then it takes some 6 weeks of time to do a substantive examination of the application. The purpose of this examination is to find out whether the particulars furnished by the applicant are genuine or not. In case of any unsatisfactory outcome after the examination, the objections are raised and communicated to the applicant.

In case of the non compliance of the objection or objections, the application is rejected then and there. In case, the applicant agrees to comply with the objections, he or she is given a month’s time when he or she can work upon to correct them. After that, a re-examination is conducted. Now the application is either accepted or rejected.

The applicants whose application is accepted finally is rewarded a Certificate of Copyright for his or her work.

Copyright Registrar Office in Rajasthan

There are a lot of legal consultants who assist people in obtaining a Copyright certificate but the legal formalities are done at the Copyright Registrar office at Parliament Street in New Delhi.

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