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Copyright Registration in Orissa

In case of a dramatic, literary, musical or piece of art work, according to the Constitution of India the author is the first owner of the work and is supposed to take the credit and monetary benefit out of it. However, when such a work is completed as a part of the employment, the first owner of the rights is the employer is the first owner of the rights, unless with an author, an agreement to the contrary has been made. However, it is to be noted that copyright does not protect names, ideas and titles. Thus, to save a unique piece of work from any vested interest, it is necessary for the author to go for a copyright registration. Copyright registration Orissa is meant to allow people who have registered for copyright as to make gains from economic point of view for the work accomplished by them and also to encourage more new material creativity and development thereby benefitting the society as a whole. Copyright registration service Orissa entails a series of legal processes which are to be fulfilled one after the other to obtain a Copyright registration certificate. Copyright registration online in Orissa is also possible and a lot of applicants are resorting to the process to save time and energy.

Copyright Services in Orissa

The first and foremost step in the process of copyright registration is the filing of the application. The particulars are to be furnished very carefully in the application as any wrong information can lead to the abandonment of the application. Thus, the application is to be filled up very carefully by the applicant.

Once the application is submitted, a Diary number is created for the application which acts as an identity of the application. This diary number is needed in every phase of the copyright registration. It takes 2-3 weeks for the creation of the diary number.

Once the diary number is issued to the applicant, it takes 6 weeks for the conduct of substantive examination of the application. Here the examination is conducted by the concerned authority to find out whether every particular furnished by the applicant is genuine or not. In case of any defect, objections are raised which are communicated to the applicant. The applicant gets a one month’s time to work on the objections and after a month, the application is re-examined. If everything is in place, then the applicant is awarded with a copyright registration certificate.

Copyright Registrar Office in Orissa

There are a number of copyright agents in Orissa who assists the applicants in conducting the legal formalities which ultimately leads to the obtaining of the copyright certificate.

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