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Copyright Registration in Mizoram

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights provided to the creator of creative work like art, literature, film, music, drama etc. Protected work also includes photographs, sculptures, digital files and web contents. These are valuable pieces of work which is a culmination of a person’s creative ability and intellect. Thus, it is inevitable to protect such pieces of work from any third party who have vested interest and wants to exploit this to have some financial gains and want to modify it and take it to his own credit. Copyright registration Mizoram is a fairly long process and a number of legal procedures are involved in the process of a new copyright registration. Copyright services in Mizoram can be executed with the help of any of the large number of consultants who assist in doing these works. Copyright registration online in Mizoram is also a possible option which can be explored by the interested parties. The online process certainly has a lot of advantages than the conventional method as it saves a lot of energy and time to execute the process.

Copyright Services in Mizoram

The copyright services in Mizoram starts with the filing of the application form which has to be submitted to the office of the Registrar of Copyright services. The particulars in the application have to be filled up very carefully because any wrong information may lead to the cancellation of the claim of the application in due course of time.

After the application is filed, it takes some 2-3 weeks to generate a Diary number for the application which acts as the identity of the application. The Diary number is to be preserved for future reference and misplacing of the Diary number may land up the applicant with trouble.

After the above phase, it takes a pretty 6 weeks time to conduct a substantive examination of the application submitted by the claimant for his/her work. The examination is to be conducted to ensure that the claims and the particulars furnished by the applicant are genuine and complies with the rules and regulations. If there is any kind of inconsistencies, then the objections are to be complied by the applicant. In case of non-compliance, the application is deemed to be abandoned. In case of the compliance of the objections, the applicant is given a 1 month’s time to work on the objections and re-submit the application for a re-examination. On re-examining, if everything is found perfect, then the applicant is rewarded with a Copyright registration certificate.

Copyright Registrar Office in Mizoram

There are a number of legal consultants who assist the claimants with the process of getting a Copyright registration certificate.

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