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Copyright Registration in Maharashtra

The copyright registration office in maharashtra is one of the most busiest and famous copyright offices of India, as it provides perhaps the maximum number of copyright registrations every year in India, at par with the copyright registration office in Delhi. Therefore, copyright registration service maharashtra, is of paramount importance to reputed and leading law firms of India like ours. The third largest State in India by area, Maharashtra is popularly called as the breath of India, because of being the richest State of the country in respect of its huge contribution to India’s industrial output and national GDP, every year. Its capital Mumbai is the largest metropolitan city of India, famous as the financial capital of the country. Apart from a large number of industries and companies, Mumbai and Maharashtra are also prominent for their enormous number of educational and scientific institutions, and research and development institutions and organizations. Hence, the copyright registration maharashtra, receives copyright applications in plentitudes from myriads of entrepreneurs, professionals, institutions, companies, and organizations of diverse fields of commerce and profession every year.

Copyright Services in Maharashtra

The copyright services in maharashtra provide copyright registration and protection to original and unique works of all people and entities belonging to Maharashtra and surrounding States to it, in all across India, and majority of other countries. A large number of copyright registrations annually are accomplished through the copyright registration online in maharashtra. The copyright registration office in maharashtra performs copyright registrations in accordance with the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, and amendments thereto. It is noteworthy that, Indian Copyright Act in quite in conformity with the Berne Convention (modified in 1971 in Paris), the Universal Copyright Convention of 1951, TRIPS Agreement of 1995, and the Rome Convention of 1961. Our globally famous and reputed organization has its headquarters in India, and we have been helping well-rounded a huge number of people and entities in obtaining their copyright registrations every year in Maharashtra, along with these in other States of India.

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