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Copyright Registration in Jharkhand

Formed in the year 2000 through bifurcation of former Bihar, Jharkhand is a significant State of India in respect of a variety of precious minerals, mining-based industries, and some of the largest iron and steel plants of the country. Its most important minerals are - iron ore, coal, mica, copper ore, limestone, bauxite, chromite, asbestos, uranium, thorium, and many other precious minerals. Therefore, Jharkhand contributes significantly and substantially to the mining and mineral sector of the country. Today, Jharkhand is progressing gradually in other areas of its economy, in addition to desired growth in this mining and mineral sector. Our rigorous professional and legal services to corporate and profession sectors are therefore, provided in Jharkhand, in order to support all such development and growth. One of these services is our elegant copyright registration service jharkhand. Our this copyright registration jharkhand, is available economically in the fields of mineral and mining based industries and plants, agro-based products, forest-based items, production and manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, real estate, diverse household consumer goods and products, information technology and ITES, telecommunications, and others.

Copyright Services in Jharkhand

Convenient copyright registration online in jharkhand under the Copyright Act, 1957 of India, is well-supported by our nationally famous legal organization. All categories of original creations and works are entertained by our expeditious copyright services in jharkhand. The most prominent of these categories are literary, musical, cinematographic, artistic, dramatic, sculptural, etc. Here, it deserves to be noted that proper copyright registration grants certain exclusive rights to the creator or copyright holder, and legal protection to the copyright matters against all types of misappropriation or infringement by any unauthorized persons, companies, or institutions. Because of being registered as per the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, these all copyright registrations are recognized and distinguished in all across the whole country.

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