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Copyright Registration in Delhi

The copyright registration office in delhi, is undoubtedly the most busiest and reputed among a great many copyright offices in India. The copyright services in delhi are available for all types of original, unique, and creative works in the fields of artistic, musical, literary, choreographic, dramatic, etc., works. This copyright registration delhi is performed as per the Indian Copyright Act of 1957 and amendments made thereto from time to time. The copyright registration office in delhi, is certainly one of the most prominent and reputed copyright registration offices of Asia, and the whole world, as it provides copyright registration in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the Berne Convention (modified in Paris in 1971), the Universal Copyright Convention of 1951, and the TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement of 1995 recognized by World Trade organization (WTO). Again, although India is not a member to the Rome Convention of 1961, the Indian Copyright Act of 1957, does abide by its provisions regarding copyright registration.

Copyright Services in Delhi

The copyright registration services in delhi, including the copyright registration online in delhi, are available for all types of original and unique works belonging to the categories of literary works, artistic works, dramatic works, musical works, choreographic works, and so on. The service of copyright registration online in delhi was started from September 2009, and is named as the “E-filing facility”, which facilitates prompt online filing of copyright registration applications from anywhere. The copyright registration delhi provides complete copyright protection in all across India, in respects of economic rights and moral rights of the author or creator. All aforementioned copyright registrations are to be applied through Form IV to the Registrar of Copyrights, along with all requisite information and enclosures, and the prescribed registration fees. Our organization extends expert advice and support for expeditious and secured copyright registration delhi.

Copyright Registrar Office in Delhi

The copyright registration office in delhi is located at the following address:

The Copyright Office

Department of Higher Education,

Ministry of Human Resource Development,

4th Floor, Jeevan Deep Building,

Parliament Street,

New Delhi – 110001


The copyright registration service delhi, can easily be availed of through application filing at the office counter, by post, or the online mode, from anywhere in the country.

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