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Copyright Registration in Assam

Copyright registration is very necessary for protecting a unique piece of work by its creator from any exploitation by anybody else apart from himself or herself. In the matter of a musical, dramatic or artistic work, the rule implies that the author is the first owner of the piece of creation generally and he may sell it to anybody else according to his discretion. However, if the author is working for some employer, the employer becomes the prime owner of these rights unless with the author, an agreement to the contrary has been made. But at the same time, it is to be borne in mind that copyright does not have the capacity the capacity to protect any ideas, names or titles of any piece of work already released in the public for use. A copyright registration Assam allows the creator of to enjoy economic gains from the creation and also encourage them to continue doing good work in future. Also the Act summons that if any third party wants to use the creator’s creation for any purpose whether monetary or non-monetary purpose, he have to take the permission of the creator. Copyright registration service Assam involves a long series of legal procedures which are to be followed to get a Copyright registration finally. Copyright registration online in Assam is also a way the applicants can opt for. This process saves time and energy and completes itself in a smooth manner. Artistic people find this Copyright Registration very vital as it protects the work done by them which can be in any form, like poetry and prose. This way they can protect their interest.

Copyright services in Assam

To start the process of copyright registration in Assam, the first step is the filing of an application form. All the particulars should be furnished very carefully to ensure that there is no problem in the long run. Any false information regarding the personal details or anything involving the creation may lead to the cancellation of the claim in the execution of the process.

Once the application is submitted to the concerned department at the office of the Copyright Registrar, a diary number is created in 2-3 weeks time. A diary number is the identity of the application and has to be preserved by the applicant very carefully for future use.

Once the diary number is issued to the applicant, it takes a 6 weeks time to conduct a substantive examination of the application to ensure that everything is genuine. In case of any problem, objections are raised and communicated to the applicant.

The applicant gets a maximum period of 30 days to work on the objections and get back to the concerned authority for re-examination. If everything is found alright, the applicant is rewarded with a Copyright registration certificate for his creation.

Copyright Registrar office in Assam

There are a number of consultants who work in this field of law of copyright registration. These consultants may assist you in obtaining a Copyright registration for your creation.

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