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Copyright Registration in Arunachal Pradesh

A unique creation by a creator needs to be preserved very crucially as it is priceless and is more valuable than any material property. It may be a piece of art, craft, literature, music, film etc which are to be preserved by the Copyright Registration Act. A creation by a creator must be protected from any unauthorised use by a third party or to prevent it from any distortion. A unique creation automatically entails to copyright but to have a legal documentation done makes it safer and protects the work from any kind of exploitation. Copyright registration Arunachal Pradesh is a fairly lengthy process and involves a series of legal formalities and enquiries. Copyright registration in Arunachal Pradesh can be conducted with the help of legal assistance who practice law and particularly works in this segment. Copyright registration online in Arunachal Pradesh is one possible option that the applicants can opt for as this is convenient, safe, energy-saving and time saving. Copyright registration is necessary for all those people who invest their soul in creating artistic masterpieces. These masterpieces can be in the form of novels, songs, films, poetry, prose, music and many more. There are a series of steps which are followed in order to complete the copyright registration process which is discussed below.

Copyright services in Arunachal Pradesh

First of all, if you are willing to protect your creation by a copyright registration, then the first and foremost step is the filing of the application form. The application particulars need to be filled up very carefully as any false information may lead to the cancellation of the entire claim in the later stage if identified.

Once the application is submitted to the concerned department in the Office of the Copyright Registrar, a Diary number is formed within 2-3 weeks and communicated to the applicant. This diary number has to be preserved with due diligence by the applicant as this diary number acts as an identity of the claim and is needed in every step for future reference.

After the diary number is created, the case is sent to the substantive examination to make sure that all particulars filed in the application by the applicant are genuine and fine. It takes around 6 weeks of time for the examination to be conducted and the releasing the results. If there is any objection, it is duly communicated to the applicant after the sixth week. Non-compliance with the objections certainly leads to the abandonment of the application then and there. In case, the applicant is willing to comply with the objections, he is given a 30 days’ time to work on the objections and it to be re-submitted for re-examination. No claim is entertained after the period of 30 days is over. The applications which are accepted are issued with a copyright certificate.

Copyright Registrar office in Arunachal Pradesh

A number of legal consultants are ready at your service to help you acquire a Copyright certificate. A number of the contacts are available on the web.

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