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Copyright Registration in Andhra Pradesh

Copyright registration is a precaution taken by the creators to protect a wide range of materials like literature, art, music, sound recordings, films and broadcasts, economic rights enabling them to control use of their materials in a number of ways such as by making copies , issuing copies to the public, performing in public, broadcasting and use online. It also gives moral rights to be identified as the creator of certain kinds of material and to object to its any kind of distortion or its mutilation. Copyright protection of production of any form of creative work is automatic as soon as there is a record of any form of the material that has been created. However, under the Indian Copyright Act there is a provision to register copyright although this is voluntary and not mandatory.

Copyright registration Andhra Pradesh entails a number of legal processes. On the successful completion of the copyright services in Andhra Pradesh, a Certificate of Copyright is awarded to the applicant. Copyright registration service Andhra Pradesh is briefed in this piece of writing.

Copyright Services in Andhra Pradesh

The first and foremost duty in the process of receiving a copyright for a particular creative work is to filing an application to the Copyright Registrar office in Andhra Pradesh. There are a number of mandatory details which are to be filled up in order to get the application to be processed. Any kind of false information provided may lead to the cancellation of the application.

After the filling up and submission of the application at the office of the Copyright registrar, a Diary number is created in 2-3 weeks and is dispatched to the applicant for the future follow up.

After this, there is a substantive examination of the application is done in about 6 weeks time. During this, the authenticity of the work created is judged and seen whether everything is alright or not.

Just followed by the above is the time for the results of the examination done. If there are any objections, then these objections are communicated to the applicant in due course of time. On receiving of the objections, non-compliance would lead to the abandonment of the application. And if the objections are to be complied within 30 days, the case is considered for re-examination. This was the final chance for the correction of the objections. No further chance of correction of any objection is given. Now the case is either accepted or rejected.

In case, all objections are removed and the case is accepted, then a Copyright certificate is issued to the applicant.

Copyright Registrar office in Andhra Pradesh

Though there are a lot of legal firms in Andhra Pradesh who assist you in receiving a copyright certificate for your work, the Head Office where all things are finally done is at Jeevan Deep Building at Parliament Street in New Delhi.

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.