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Copyright Registration in Ahmedabad

Copyright registration is very necessary for a creator to protect its creations like music, art, films, literature etc from any kind of exploitation. These valuable creations which are actually priceless are worth protecting so that these cannot be duplicated or mishandled by any third party. Copyright registration in Ahmadabad is a long process and involves a series of legal formalities which are to be completed step by step. Copyright services in Ahmadabad can be executed with the assistance of any of the legal consultants who will help you in obtaining a Copyright Certificate. Copyright registration online in Ahmadabad is also a good option you can opt if you are looking forward to carry out the process more conveniently. It saves time as well as energy. Copyright is basically a variant of intellectual property law that helps in the protection of all genres of authorship whether it is artistic, literary, movies, songs, novels, drama, poetry, etc. The moment a particular work is created it comes under the purview of Copyright protection. It is a great help to all people with artistic bent of mind.

Copyright Services in Ahmadabad

If you are looking forward for a copyright registration certificate, then a series of legal steps are to be followed. Filing of application is the initial process to start with. There are a number of particulars to be filled up in the application form. All these particulars are to be filled up very carefully and this is crucial as any false information may lead to the cancellation of the application in due course of time.

After the application is submitted, a diary number is created which acts as the identity of the application and this diary number is to be preserved properly by the applicant. Whenever the applicant contacts the Copyright Registrar office, this diary number is required to proceed to the next stage.

After the diary number is created, a substantive examination of the application is conducted by the concerned authority and this process of examination takes a fair 6 weeks time. After the examination is completed, it is judged whether the applicant’s work is genuine or not. If any kind of objections is found, they are communicated to the applicant immediately. In case of non-compliance with the objections, the application is rejected in no time. In case of compliance with the objections, the applicant is given a 30 day’s time to work on the objections. After the period of 30 days is over, the applicant has to present the case to the Copyright Registrar for re-examination. After the re-examination, the application is either accepted or rejected. No third chance is given to correction if there are any further objections.

After the re-examination, if the application status is found satisfactory, then the applicant is rewarded with the Copyright Certificate for his or her creation.

Copyright Registrar office in Ahmadabad

A copyright registration can be done by a large number of legal consultants who stay and practice law in Ahmadabad and is always ready to provide you assistance in obtaining a copyright certificate.

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