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Copyright Registration in Agra

Copyright registration is a method of prevention taken by creators to protect creative inventions namely art, literature, films etc from being ill used by others or to prevent anybody else to take the credit of the invention. It protects the copywriter’s work and prevents it from producing copies, presenting the creation in public or broadcasting it any mass medium like television, radio or web. Not only these, it also provides moral rights to the creator to be identified for its unique creation. It prevents any third party from exploiting the creation by making any distortion or taking any monetary benefits out of it. A unique creation brings a copyright automatically with it but it is always safer to opt for a copyright registration which is a legal proof. However, it is not mandatory for the creator to go for a copyright registration. Copyright registration Agra involves a number of legal processes. On the successful completion of the entire copyright services in Agra, a certificate of copyright is awarded to the applicant. Copyright registration service Agra is briefed in the piece of writing.

Copyright services in Agra

The initial duty in the process of receiving a copyright for a unique work created is filing an application to the Copyright Registrar office in Agra. There are a number of details which are to be filled up in order to get the application to be processed properly. It is advisable to furnish all the information in a right manner as any false information may lead to the cancellation of the application. Correct information will help to proceed with the process conveniently.

Followed by the above step is the submission of the application at the office of the Copyright registrar. On submission of the application, a Diary number is created in 2-3 weeks and is dispatched to the applicant for the future follow up.

Just after this, it is time for a substantive examination of the application submitted by the applicant. The examination is done in an about 6 week’s time. During this, the authenticity of the created work is judged thoroughly and seen everything is genuine or not.

After a few days from the examination are done, the result of the examination is communicated to the applicant. If there are any objections, they are communicated to the applicant. The non-compliance with the objections leads to the rejection of the application then and there. And if the applicant complies with the objections and is willing to correct the objections, then he gets a maximum of 30 days to work on it. Within those 30 days, the applicant has to give the case for re-examination. If everything is found alright then the applicant is rewarded with a Copyright Certificate for his creation.

Copyright Registrar office in Agra

Though there are a lot of legal firms in Agra who assist you in receiving a copyright certificate for your work, the Head Office where all things are finally done is at Jeevan Deep Building at Parliament Street in New Delhi.

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.