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Copyright Protection

The Copyright is the legal right or a set of exclusive rights given by the government to the creator of any original work, regarding its utilization, reproduction, and commercial uses, freely and exclusively, for the specified period of time. This copyright is a part of the Intellectual property Law, and gives protection to all original and unique works performed using the intellectual property of the human mind. The types of works which come under this copyright protection are all literary, artistic, dramatic, musical, etc., works printed, fixed, or recorded in any tangible medium of expression. Here, it may be noted that the copyright protects only the way things are expressed or presented, and not the facts, ideas, systems, or methods, etc., used by the intellectual works.

Besides the national copyright offices, the most prominent international treaties for providing copyright protection are - the Berne Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), and the TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement administered by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

How to Get Copyright Protection

Now, the question automatically arises is, how to get copyright protection easily and securely? The easiest and promptest way to get a copyright protection, is to register the original work of creation with the Governmental Copyright Offices, as quickly as could be possible. Today, online copyright protection and free copyright protection are also available, in a large number of countries, in order to reward the creativity of the original creators. Here, it is noteworthy that the proper copyright registration with any national or international copyright offices, offers the proof of authentic copyright ownership, and help exclusively and greatly in case of any future copyright infringements. Our service organization also helps the inventors, creators, institutions, and companies in getting copyright protection to their original works of creation.

The copyright protection is readily available for all types of literary and dramatic works like books, poems, novels, songs, documents, content articles, etc.; all audio and video recordings; movies, musical works and compositions, choreographic collections, and so on; all types of drawings and paintings; architectural works and layouts; works of sculpture; and many other categories.

Benefits of Copyright Protection

Obtaining copyright protection is always beneficial in every way. Right and proper copyright registration with any national or international copyright office provides the following exclusive and outstanding rights and benefits to the creators of original works in any forms mentioned above:

  • Right to copy or reproduce as per one’s wishes
  • Right to manipulate the original work, and create derivative pieces for some purposes
  • Right to distribute or publish the work publicly freely
  • Perform or play the protected work openly in public.
  • Right to authorize any certain persons for using the copyright work, in the specified ways
  • Right to make diverse commercial uses of the copyright work for personal profits
  • Right to sell or trade the copyright materials

The copyright protection laws of most of the countries have now standardized and refined through the International Copyright Agreements, and therefore, have some common features in each. The duration of copyright protection is the whole life of the creator, plus seventy to hundred years from the creator’s death, in most of the countries. For the works of corporate authorship, this duration is about 120 years after their creation, or 95 years after their publication, whichever is first applicable.

As per the above worthy information about the Copyright Protection and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of Copyright Protection in the different segments of the nation.