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Today, the Construction Law has emerged out as a separate law practice area, completely distinguished from its traditional practices under the real estate law, project finance, or the corporate law. Economic and infrastructural developments in almost all sectors have supported in its emergence as a major practice area of the law, in most of the countries, including India. In the context of all developments made so far in this field, the Construction Law, may be defined as the body of particular rules, policies, and legal procedures which govern and regulate the processes and activities of the construction sector, together with the defined roles and responsibilities, and inter-personal relationship among all individuals, companies, and agencies engaged in the businesses of this sector. Our well-connected and experienced organization is quite prominent in the world over owing to its all-round construction legal services, including India.

Construction Law Issues

The gamut of Construction Law is extensive, and covers all types of concrete constructions in the residential, industrial, commercial, infrastructural, hospitality, power, oil and gas, and various other sectors. Our reliable, rigorous, and economical construction legal services are promptly available for all people, companies, organizations, and agencies involved in these construction sectors. We have been expertly resolved all diverse construction legal issues which related to property developers and builders, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, financial institutions, engineers and architects, construction planners and designers, surveyors, real estate property owners, insurers, construction project sponsors and financers, officials of regulating agencies, construction consultants, etc. Our construction lawyers and attorneys, and litigators, are broadly and exclusively experienced in dealing proficiently with almost all types of construction legal issues.

Construction Legal Support

Our well-rounded construction legal services and wise and visionary construction legal advice to professionals and companies involved in the construction business at diverse levels, are provided for construction and development of all types of concrete structures in the above-mentioned sectors. Our responsible and scrupulous construction legal services are offered under the following broad categories:

  • Construction Planning and Consultancy
  • Project Finance
  • All Documentation and Contractual Matters
  • All mandatory Construction Compliances
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Design and Architectural Copyright
  • All business Transactions and Dealings for certain Construction
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Liens/Bonds
  • Construction Defect
  • Construction Claims, Disputes, and Litigations
  • Safety and Environmental Issues
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) regarding Construction
  • Any other construction legal issues.