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Company Registration in West Bengal

Positioned cozily on the eastern bottleneck of India, West Bengal is the fourth most populous State of the country, widely famous for its several agricultural produces, diverse industries, and unique art and culture. No leading service organization to the corporate and profession sectors in India, would not ever like to ignore this significant State of India. Therefore, we extend responsibly the complete range of diverse company registration services in west bengal, with the intentions of well-rounded industrial development and prosperity in all across this historic State of India.

West Bengal is among the major contributors to the national GDP of India every year. Rice, Tea, Jute, and a large number of industries, companies, and institutions in diverse fields of economy, make West Bengal prominent nationwide and also internationally. The main contributors to its economy are the service sector (over 50% of its GSDP), agriculture sector (about 25%), and the industry sector (about 20%). We provide company registration in west bengal, in any of these fields and sectors, to Indian and International industrialists, investors, and companies.

Company Registration Services in West Bengal

Our services for company formation in west bengal is for all types of companies in almost all fields of its economy. The most prominent and popular types of companies are the Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Joint Venture, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Sole Proprietorship, etc. for native and Indian investors, industrialists, and companies. The company incorporation in west bengal for foreign investors, industrialists, and companies, is available for their branch offices, project offices, joint ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries, representative offices, etc., for conducting business anywhere in West Bengal. For new company registration west bengal, the most lucrative and preferred fields are --- iron and steel, engineering, electrical equipments and instruments, electronics, textile, leather, automobiles, manufacturing, chemicals, fertilizers, tea and jute industries, hospitality, information technology and ITES, and agro-based goods and products. Our prompt and secure online company registration in west bengal, is readily available for company registrations in these and other fields of choice.

Registrar of Companies in West Bengal

The company registration in west bengal is governed and regulated by the companies Act, 1956, and amendments made to it. Given below is the address of Registrar of Companies, West Bengal, as necessary information to our visitors:

Registrar of Companies, West Bengal

Nizam Palace,

Second MSO Building, 2nd Floor,

234/4, A.J.C.B. Road,

Kolkata – 700020.

Telephone: 033-22800409.

Fax: 033-22903795

As per the above worthy information about the and its related services, below we have introduced you with the complete listing of in the different segments of the nation.