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Company Registration in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh contains the greatest magnitude of population than that in any other States of India. Its second biggest State economy contributes more than 8% of India’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Uttar Pradesh has been a magnificent centre of religious and cultural activities since centuries. Apart from these, Uttar Pradesh is now also famous for its delectable and luscious fruits and a rather broad variety of vegetables, and industries in diverse fields of commerce and economy. Below are furnished more information about Uttar Pradesh and it’s a large number of diverse industries and companies. Hence, our nationwide famous and popular organization offers responsible and well-rounded services for company registration in uttar pradesh, quite economically.

Situated in the northern region of the country, Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of small scale industries in diverse commercial and economic fields, as compared to other States of India. But, its total industrial production is moderate, owing to a variety of adverse factors, such as erratic power supply, underdeveloped industrial infrastructure, uneconomical availability of ample raw materials, etc. Kanpur is its most developed and industrialized city, and major contributor to its economy. Industries and companies in almost all significant sectors of commerce and economy are developing with a moderate pace, particularly in the fields of iron and steel, engineering, information technology, computer software and hardware, manufacturing, leather, chemicals, agro-based goods and products, hardware items, machine tools and equipments, tourism and hospitality, food and fruit processing, and many more.

Company Registration Services in Uttar Pradesh

We provide company registration services in uttar Pradesh, in all the above mentioned fields, and other fields of specific choice and preference. The online company registration in uttar pradesh is major and vital part of our company registration services in uttar pradesh. Companies that can be formed fall under the categories of the Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Sole Proprietorships, Joint Ventures, and entities for foreign investors and companies, such as branch offices, project offices, or representative offices of their companies established in foreign countries. The company formation in uttar pradesh, under each of these categories is done under the regulations and guidelines of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, and amendments made thereto. Besides this company incorporation in uttar pradesh, our organization provides all other services to the corporate sector in all across India and other countries.

Registrar of Companies in Uttar Pradesh

For getting new company registration uttar pradesh, application is to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Uttar Pradesh, along with requisite enclosures and prescribed fees. The ROC is appointed in compliance with the Section 609 of the Companies Act, 1956, for proper regulation of each and every type of company formation in uttar pradesh. For convenience and service to our visitor entrepreneurs, industrialists, and investors, we are giving below the address of this ROC:

Registrar of Companies, Uttar Pradesh (U.P.)

10/499B, Allenganj,

Khalasi Line, Kanpur – 208002.

Telephone: 0521-2550688.

Fax: 0512-2540423

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