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Company Registration in Pune

Pune is one of the most dynamic and commercial cities of India and also considered as the knowledge capital of India. It is in the dynamic developing phase and has enormous business opportunities to different kinds of business and enterprises. Pune have witnessed the growth of all scales of business whether it in a large scale, medium scale or small scale. Thus in the formation of a company, the company registration in Pune plays a major role.

Company Registration Services in Pune

Company formation in Pune entails a series of processes which are to be followed for proper company incorporation in Pune. The important processes are to be undergone for company formation in Pune.

For online company registration in Pune, the following necessary facts and figures are to be remembered.

First of all, some necessary documents are needed. Every director of the company to be formed has to have a PAN card issued by the Income Tax department as an identity proof and along with this any address proof on his or her name is to be produced. Along with these, two passport size photographs of each of the Director are required. Clear scans of photographs are need for the online company registration in Pune.

After the documents are ready, the name availability search of the company to be formed is advisable. It is to be confirmed that the name selected for the company should not be identical or similar with any other company which already exists and is registered in India or for which an application for registration is already submitted.

Part payment is to be done for the initiation of the Company Registration process. The payment can be done by any of the modes like cheque, cash, and online bank transfer or by secured payment gateway.

The applicant is then required to prepare and send all the required documents for signature of the Promoters at one go.

After the approval of the DIN is done, the main object of the Company is to be drafted by the promoters. After the approval of the promoters is taken, it is to be forwarded by Company name application with the Registrar of companies.

After the approval of the name of the Company to be formed is done, the remaining payment is to be done by any of the modes of payment as mentioned earlier.

The relevant documents along with eForms, Memorandum of association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) are to be prepared and the same are to be filed with the authorities.

After the completion of the entire process, the file containing all documentation made for Company formation along with DIN papers and Digital Signatures are given to the Directors.

Registrar of Companies in Pune

Registrars of Companies in Pune are the authority to register any company in Maharashtra state under 1956 act rules and regulations. As keeping the registry of records and registration certificate will be issued by the registrar of companies in Pune.






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