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Company Registration in Orissa

Verdant and placid State of Orissa is prominent nationwide and internationally for its precious natural resources, wildlife sanctuaries, religious temples, and industries in the fields of mining, minerals, and power. However, it has to make massive development and progress in most of the major and significant sectors, to be on a par with other highly developed States of the country. Our responsible and economically charged company registration services in orissa, are provided to facilitate such development in diverse sectors.

Very aesthetically situated on the East Coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal, Orissa has a long coastline, helpful for marine infrastructure development, tourism facilitation, and educational purposes. It contains about 1/5th of country’s total coal reserve, 1/4th of its iron reserve, 1/3rd of India’s bauxite, and bulk part of country’s total chromite. The southern and western parts of Orissa are covered by green forests to support cottage industries and wildlife sanctuaries. Thus, immense is growth potential for development in these sectors, and also in the fields of power and energy, information technology, engineering, manufacturing, real estate, tourism, vocational and professional education and training, and many others.

Company Registration Services in Orissa

We support comprehensively and exclusively for company registration in orissa, for all types of companies in almost all economic sectors. For prompt, cost-effective, and secure services, we utilize the lavish facility of online company registration in orissa. Our services for company formation in orissa, are for companies under the categories of private limited companies, public limited companies, sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships, and joint ventures. To foreign investors and companies, our company incorporation in orissa mission, offers services for establishing branch offices, project offices, liaison offices, representative offices, and so on, in any part of Orissa. The company registration in orissa, is provided according to the Companies Act, 1956 of India, and is therefore, well-recognized in other States of the country also, apart from being protected in Orissa.

Registrar of Companies in Orissa

The Registrar of Companies (ROC), Orissa, is the most competent authority for regulating new company registration orissa. The ROC is appointed in compliance with the Section 609 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, for such exclusive purposes. Address of this office in Orissa, is given below for easy and prompt reference:

Registrar of Companies, Orissa

Corporate Bhawan, 3rd Floor

Plot No.- 9 (P), Sector – 1, CDA, Cuttack – 753014.

Telephone: 0671-2365361/2366958.

Fax: 0671-230536


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