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Company Registration in Agra

Agra is one of the developing cities of India and is known throughout the world for its cultural richness and the presence of one of the wonders of the world The Taj Mahal. Company registration in Agra is done according to the Companies Act of 1956 which sets down the establishment of both public and private companies. The most commonly used corporate form is the limited company with unlimited companies being relatively uncommon. A company is formed by registering the Memorandum and Articles of association with the State Registrar of Companies of the State in which the main office is to be located.

Company Registration Services in Agra

Incorporating a name of the company to be formed is one of the initial duties by the promoter or applicant. The approval is provided subject to certain conditions for instance there should not be an existing company by the same name. The last words of the name should be mandatorily being “Private Ltd.”After obtaining the name approval from the Registrar of Companies, it normally takes approximately two to three weeks to incorporate a company in Agra depending from case to case.

The Memorandum of Association and articles of Association are the most important documents to be submitted to the registrar of Companies for the purpose of incorporation of a company. It actually sets the constitution of the company. The Articles of association contain the rules and regulations of the company for the management of its internal affairs. While the Memorandum specifies the objectives and purposes for which the company has been formed. Company incorporation in Agra is done after the duly stamped Memorandum of Association and articles of Association documents and forms are filed and the filing fees are paid. The Registrar of Companies scrutinizes the documents and if necessary instructs the authorized person to make necessary corrections.

There are a number of documents which are needed along with the Memorandum of Association and articles of Association in Agra. These documents includes Declaration of compliance which should be duly signed, notice of situation of the registered office of the company, particulars of directors, Manager or Secretary, authority executed on a non-judicial stamp paper and the ROC’s letter indicating the availability of the name.

Business liable for income tax must obtain tax identification card and number known as PAN from the Revenue Department. The online company registration in Agra is also possible. The enclosures which are to be attached are documents evidencing payment of fee, memorandum and articles of association, Form 18, Form 32, Form 29, power of attorney from subscribers, no objection letters from Directors or promoters etc.

Registrar of Companies in Agra

Registrars of Companies in Agra are the authority to register any company in Uttar Pradesh state under 1956 act rules and regulations. As keeping the registry of records and registration certificate will be issued by the registrar of companies in Uttar Pradesh.

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