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Companies in India

All globally prominent types of companies are well-established in India, as the Indian economy is the fourth largest economy of the whole world, and has been growing steadily with a high GDP growth rate of over 5.5% on average. Moreover, India’s two national level stock exchanges play vital and significant role in the capital market of the world, and rank among the 15 largest stock exchanges of the entire world in terms of equity capitalization and trade volumes. India’s expanding economy has been developing in all important and major sectors. Consequently, there are a large number of diverse types of companies in every significant sector of Indian economy. All types of companies in india are described in the section below, together with the outsourcing companies in india. The establishment of both public and private companies in india, and also the branch offices of foreign companies in india, is governed and regulated by the Companies Act, 1956. The Joint Venture type of companies are perhaps the most popular and preferred form of making foreign direct investment in India.

The top companies in india, according to the seventh Best Employers in India 2011 Survey by Aon Hewitt, are - Hindustan Unilever Limited, Aditya Birla Group, LG Electronics India, Godrej Consumer Products, Bharti Airtel, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Becton Dickinson India, Aircel, Wipro, and Marriott India, which are active and effective in diverse sectors. While the list of outsourcing companies in india contains the following companies, which are nationally famous and reputed for their exclusive management capabilities, customer references, demonstrated competencies, and balanced capabilities:

  • Wipro Technologies
  • Satyam
  • Cognizant
  • Infosys Technologies
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • HCL
  • Genpact
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Mastek

Types of Companies in India

The Companies Act of 1956 is essentially concerned with the establishment of all types of companies in india mentioned below. The following are the most common and popular types of business entities in all across India:

  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Partnership Firm
  • Sole Proprietorship

The Limited Companies (Public or Private) are certainly the most popular form of corporation in india, the Unlimited Companies are lesser prominent and are uncommon. Majority of limited companies in india are private. The private limited companies have to make lesser number of diverse compliance to the regulating authorities than those required by the public limited companies, and have lighter disclosures to be made to the general public. Consequently, the private limited companies cannot trade on the stock exchanges like the public limited companies.

Besides the above-mentioned types of companies in india, the following types of business entities are available to the foreign companies or investors for doing business in India:

  • Representative Offices
  • Branch Offices
  • Project Offices
  • Joint Venture Company
  • Wholly-owned Subsidiary Company

Companies in India – Law Practice

Companies in India are essentially concerned with the Companies Act of 1956, the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, and all mandatory compliances to all regulating authorities and agencies. Apart from these the businesses of companies are associated with the intellectual property law, business law, insurance law, maritime and admiralty law, foreign exchange management act (FEMA), labor and employment law, pollution and environmental law, project finance, real estate law, construction law, commercial law, rules of international business and trade, export-import regulations, and so on. Our globally prominent and reputed organization has been offering responsible and economical services regarding business of all above-mentioned types of companies in india, for a long time, to the Indian and International companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and multinational business corporations, irrespective of their business fields and sizes.