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Business Audit

Before proceeding further and deeper, let me first clarify what is business audit, or what the business audit definition is. A Business Audit is the task or process of examining, evaluating, improving, and monitoring, all business processes, operations, activities, and policies, in order to maintain and promote perfection, efficiency, quality, punctual mandatory compliances, profitability, and desired business growth. The business audit comprises of both external audit and internal audit. In present article, we are offering valuable and exclusive information for visionary business audits of all types and sizes of companies of diverse sectors, essentially including the small business audit. Proper and regular business audit makes a business secure through mitigating business risks involved, smooth-running peacefully, and optimally efficient and profitable, and therefore, serves as the lifeblood to it. Our experienced and expert professionals and attorneys have been providing quality business auditing services responsibly to companies and institutions of almost all sectors of economy in countries all across the world, including India.

Business Audit Legal Issues

Though the gamut of business audit checklist differs depending upon the size, type, field, market extent, priorities, and policies of the business, there are some common elements in all business audits. The business audit checklists help the managers, auditors, and audit attorneys, in performing comprehensive and scrupulous business auditing. A standard business audit checklist is being given below for service to our visitors of the commerce and profession sectors. The small business audit checklist will contain lesser constituents than those given in the audit checklist below:

  • Punctual Compliances with all concerned Laws and Regulations (Mentioned in the section below)
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Organizational Structure
  • Human Resource Recruitment, Development, and Management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Industrial Relations and Public Relations
  • Business Risks and Insurance
  • Asset Management and Protection
  • Quality of Products and Services
  • Efficiency of Production Processes and Operations
  • Purchasing and Productivity
  • Marketing and Profitability
  • Business Growth and Expansion
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Capital Market Issues
  • Merger Or Acquisition
  • Technology and Innovation
  • And, requirements of lucrative International Business.

Business Audit Top Law Firm

Providing flawless business audit services to entities of different fields of economy requires wide-ranging knowledge and experience. Our organization is connected and associated with organizations diverse fields, and commands the well-rounded support of a large number of professionals in diverse disciplines, lawyers and attorneys, several of the top law firms of India and other parts of the world. The laws commonly applied to the business audits are - the company law, intellectual property law, labor and employment law, pollution and environmental law, business and commercial law, taxation law and regulations, maritime and admiralty law, etc. There are numerous other law firms and associations of auditors, in every part of the world, which also provide business audit services at national or international levels. It ultimately depends on the business owners to choose the most appropriate and perfect supporter to their business audit, based on the criteria of expertise, economy, accessibility, promptitude, and creditability.