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The Automotive Sector or Industry is one of the major and most significant sectors of the world economy, by infrastructure, employment, and revenue. In most of the developed and developing countries of the world, automobiles are the primary mode of transportation of people, materials, equipments, goods, and diverse products and objects from one place to another, usually in the same country. Therefore, our globally prominent organization essentially provides well-rounded automotive legal services and witty automotive legal advice to people, agencies, and companies involved in this automotive sector at diverse levels, in India and other countries of all around the whole world.

The automotive sector of economy is engaged in the designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling of various types of automobiles, and serves nationwide and worldwide automotive markets. This automotive sector generally does not include the industries or agencies which are engaged with automobiles after their delivery to the customers, such as the repairing stations or shops, or the fuel-filling stations.

Automotive Law Practice

Vast automotive sector is concerned with a great many laws, rules, and regulations, at several stages of its businesses, at regional, national, or international levels. The most prominent and common laws the automotive sector is inherently concerned with are - intellectual property law, taxation law, insurance law, pollution and environmental law, labor and employment law, company law, business law, foreign exchange management rules, maritime and admiralty law, real estate and construction law, laws of international business and trade, corporate finance, dealer franchise law and other parts of commercial law, foreign direct investment regulations, and many others. Our worldwide reputed organization offers well-rounded automotive legal services and advice to all professionals, business owners, companies, agencies, and other entities active in this automotive sector at different stages and levels, in connection with these automotive legal issues.

Automotive Legal Expertise

The list of our global clients covers automobile manufacturing companies and corporations, motor vehicle industries, automobile component manufacturers, automobile equipments and instruments producers, automobile dealers and distributors, professionals engaged in the automotive sector at different departments and divisions, automotive insurers, transport and shipping authorities and agencies, automobile financers, financial institutions and banks, governmental regulating organizations and authorities, and international and multi-national automobile companies. Our responsible, economical, and exquisite services to the automotive sector range from the factory floor to the sales floor, covering all people and entities coming in between. Various types of automotive legal disputes and litigations, too, are tackled rigorously and expertly by us. Our worldwide well-connected organization also provides services for automobile market search globally.

The demand for automobiles under a broad range of categories is to grow higher, especially in the developing and emerging countries of the world, which collectively consumed more than half of the total global sales of light-vehicles in 2010. In future, the most potential markets for automobiles are Brazil, China, Russia, India, Iran, and Indonesia, as per a recently published report by automotive market experts.