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AutoMobile in India

India being as a favorable business center of the world, houses numbers of lucrative sectors that are subjected to huge amount of foreign investment. Amongst these sectors, automobile is one of the ways that has turned the nation of India to the mark of economic development and advancement. From the last past years, numbers of foreign automobile industries have set up their business center in India in order to launch their products to their maximum extend in India. All these shows that the automobile in India has became one of the profitable segments for the foreign economies.

The annual production of automobile in India has reached to a figure of 2 million units that has made Indian automobile Industry as amongst the tenth largest industry in the world. Automotive sector is one of the major sources of the foreign direct investment for the economy of India since 1991. This reform of FDI in automotive has made the sector more lucrative and competitive for the foreign industries.

Laws of Automobile in India

Every country follows their own rules and regulations for automobiles. For developed countries, it is quite easy to manage and redefine their regulations for automobiles but for developing countries it’s a big deal to maintain automobile rules and regulations on an international level. For countries India who are well known for business hubs has played a vital role in bringing the revolutionary acts towards the growth of automotive sector at an international level. In India, MoSRT&H - Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways is the major authority that deals in regulating the acts and reforms for the automotive sector in India. Apart from this, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Ministry of Environment & Forests are the other important segments that deal in the same. All these sectors and govern authorities have played an integral part while formulation and maintaining the different acts for automotive in India at an international level.

If we talk about acts and standards then Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 and Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 are the two major instruments that have given a unique and flourishing image to the automobile sector in India. These standards have normally aimed at safety rules and consolidate the laws while bringing the advancement to the automobile segment of India.

Central Motor Vehicles Rules - Technical Standing Committee and Standing Committee on Implementation of Emission Legislation are the two committees that are formed by the MoSRT&H in order to provide advices and recommendations on the different aspects of the automobile legal issues. These two committees generally deal in accepting the applications and approval of draft standards and norms by the various committees including Bureau of Indian Standards and Automotive Industry Standards Committee. These committees have also ruled over formatting various safety rules in India. These are also having various test agencies around the nation like Vehicle Research & Development Establishment Ahmednagar, International centre for Automotive Technology Manesa, Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun, Automotive Research Association of India Pune and many more. All these agencies, committees and govern authorities have been played a vital role while bringing the safety standards on the periodical basis.

Automobile in India Law Services

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