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Arbitration brings a solution to the dispute. Here the authority person is known by the “arbitrators” or “arbiters”. In dispute resolution, the case is expected to resolve outside the court with the help of arbitrator. Here, the person with arbitration powers finalizes the decision in terms of agreement that agreed amongst the dispute parties. Here we can say, arbitration is an alternative to dispute resolution where the cases are not to be taken inside court. They are usually resolved with the help of third party known by arbitrator. Here, the ordinary court of arbitrator has been played a vital role while transferring a decision to the dispute parties. Any disputes related to commercial matters, employment matters or anything related to trade and commerce that raises a dispute between parties are usually confined to arbitration court of law.

Apart from above mentioned points, there are some cases that cannot be concerned under arbitration like matrimonial matters, Insolvency matters, winding up of a company and Criminal offences. As in few back decades, arbitration has got an immense popularity as because of its lower cost, simple to follow with evidence rules, time saving process with party friendly. Well arbitration is much more flexible in terms of timings and places for hearings and cause less hostility between the parties. Besides, bringing mutual and healthy agreement between the parties in a few weeks is one of the major favor-abilities of arbitration.

Arbitration Procedures

Arbitration procedures that bring you with set of rules and regulation in order to finalize the dispute resolution. Here in this world, there are various arbitrator bodies that work for arbitration procedures. As per the set of rules, the arbitrator appointed will send a set of claim documents to the defendant. Here, on the bases of complaint, arbitrator collects the facts of the case including defendant's statements, documentary evidence and many more that need to submit to the parties to the dispute. All these facts of evidence are needed to take decision in respect of resolving dispute. If an appointed participant fails to fulfill its roles and obligation in terms of dispute voluntarily then in that case the other party has the obligation to seek filing of a petition for execution / enforcement. As there is very less time with arbitrator in order to follow his or her services as normally goes around a few weeks.

Arbitration Rules

The Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, the governing arbitration authority in India. All the arbitration rules, laws and regulation acts are based on International Commercial Arbitration that too adapted by the UNCITRAL - United Nations Commission on International Trade Law in 1985. Under these arbitration rules, arbitration agreement should be referred to section 7 where the arbitration may or may not be administered by permanent arbitral institution. Under the same rules, arbitral award is treated as an interim award in order to resolve the disputes. Being as a alternative to dispute resolution, arbitral tribunal played a vital role while resolving a dispute between the parties. This arbitral tribunal is a sole arbitrator that finalizes the decision with the aim of dispute resolutions. Well, get surf with law firm in india in order to make forward request for IPR services in India and abroad.