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Anant Mandgi & Associates

Anant Mandgi & Associates is amongst of those law firms where the management and ownership is passed by one generation to another within the same family. Mandgi Associates is one of the famous and oldest law firms of India where the current owner Mr. Anant Mandgi, the 3rd generation lawyer of the firm running his legal firm with fully heartily efforts in order to carry their family firm to the next generation. Anant mandgi & associates law firm was established by Mr.A A Mandgi in the year of 1925 in Bombay which was laterally shifted to the city of Bangalore. In 1956 the firm was passed to Mr. Narayan Rao Mandgi, the son of Mr.A A Mandgi where the same firm was then passed to 3rd generation in 1984, when the firm was declared as a family concerned business where the late Sri. Narayan Rao Mangdi had passed the ownership to his son Mr. Anant Mandgi. And now his wife Ujwala A Mandgi and his son Amit Mandgi along with the support of other associates are running their law firm in India.

Dedication and team work have really put the firm Anant Mandagi associates on the top of the list, where the highly educated and well experienced lawyers of anant mandagi have played a vital role in boosting its strength. Here you will extreme consecration behavior among the lawyers while serving their clients of an international standard. Besides these, the amicable and long lasting relations with the clients that have proved as one of the major fundamentals for successful law firm.

Areas of Practice

Anant Mandgi law firm deals in the spectrum of law services ranging from family law to media law, litigation to banking law, real estate law to corporate law and many more. Anant Mandgi along with his son Amit Mandgi have managed to offer best services to their long term clients. Here you will find different attorneys performing different service as per their academic and corporate experience.

Apart from these law services, there are many more services that have been resolved by anant mandgi & associates India like registration of properties, non disclosure agreements, mortgage deeds, joint development agreement, wills and codicils, Memorandum of Associations and Articles of Associations and many more.

  • Administrative law
  • Arbitration and Conciliation
  • International Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Banking Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Laws
  • Contract Laws
  • Copyright
  • Education Matters
  • Media and Entertainment Laws
  • Employment Disputes
  • Environmental Law
  • Family Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Lease Disputes
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Real-Estate Laws


Anant mandgi & associates is a well established law firm running their office in the city of Bangalore from the last 50 years. It is really majestic and wonders to know more about the family concerned law firm where the ownership is carried from forefathers. Thus, if you are looking to avail any law services just contact to anant mandgi associates on the below mentioned address.

No. 10/7/1

Kumar Krupa Road,

High Grounds,

Near Sindhi School

Bangalore -560 001

Fax : +91 80 222 667 12

Mobile : +91 9880 903 966