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Anand Abdul & Vinod Associates

Anand Abdul & Vinod Associates is becoming prominent fast in the huge Metropolitan city of Chennai, and other parts of Tamil Nadu, for its cost-effective and perfect legal solutions and wise advice, in matters related with a broad range of commercial, industrial, and professional fields. The main office of anand abdul & vinod associates is well-established in Egmore, while its branch office is located in Madurai. Plans are to set up more offices in some places in Tamil Nadu, and other States of India in near future. Experienced and innovative Attorneys, Solicitors, and Lawyers of anand abdul & vinod associates Chennai have successfully and very impressively fought litigation cases for its clients in diverse fields of commerce and profession, at the Supreme Courts of India, High Courts of several States including that of Tamil Nadu, and various other subordinate courts, forums, and tribunals, in the past years. The fields of its legal practice are listed below. Today, reliable anand abdul & vinod associates, is expanding gradually in more new areas of the law and is desirous of covering more economic fields, in order to emerge out as one of the most famous and popular legal firms in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, in the nearest possible future.

Areas of Practice

The areas of corporate services and punctilious litigation and arbitration practices of anand abdul & vinod associates chennai, have been constantly increasing and expanding, with the intentions of better service to people and companies of almost all economic fields. At present, the following are the main fields covered by rigorous and prompt legal practice of anand abdul & vinod associates, in all across Tamil Nadu, and other States of India:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Iron and Steel
  • And, many other fields.


Detailed information about the main office of anand abdul & vinod associates chennai, is given below, to help visitors in availing of its legal services promptly:

Anand Abdul & Vinod Associates

74, 75, and 76, Second and Third Floors,

Marshal Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600088.

Telephone: +91-044-2855 5553/5554.

Fax: +91-044-5214 7350.