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Agmark Certification

The Agmark Certification in India, is a mark of high-quality and reliable authenticity to the consumers, especially for agricultural products. This certifying mark (Agmark or AGMARK) also conforms to a set of standard processes and operations followed in the production of diverse agricultural goods or products. Today, this agmark certification covers an extensive range of products and commodities amounting to over 200, under the broad categories of Pulses, Vegetable Oils, Cereals, Fruits and Vegetables, Essential Oils, and diverse semi-processed commodities like Vermicelli. This agmark certification in india is legally and morally supported by the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act of 1937 (together with amendments in it in 1986). This agmark certification of India, provided using 23 well-equipped testing laboratories and 43 well-managed offices all across the country, has now gained international recognition owing to its noble objectives.

Our organization, which has been serving to entrepreneurs, business owners, business companies and corporations, industrialists, and investors of diverse sectors, in their matters related with the company law, business and commercial law, intellectual property law, international business, and so on, in India and abroad, offers prompt agmark certification services also, quite economically. The online agmark certification, too, is well-supported by us, on behalf of any Indian and foreign companies desirous of doing business in India.

Significant Of Agmark Certification

The ever-growing creditability and popularity of agmark certification overtly describe its great significance, especially in Indian market. Almost all agricultural products or commodities are authenticated to be pure and healthy by this agmark certification in all across India. High quality, food safety factors, and scrupulous implementation of refined technology for food processing, etc., are taken into account by this famous AGMARK marking. Its criteria for grading food products are also eclectic. The quality of agricultural products are described with reference to the size, weight, color, moisture, variety, fat content, nutrients, etc. While the Grading is marked among the four Grades as 1, 2, 3, and 4 or special, good, fair, and ordinary. Moreover, this agmark certification is updated regularly as per the refining requirements of the World Trade organization (WTO), in order to acquire global recognition and goodwill.

Therefore, companies of India and abroad in the sector of agricultural products and commodities, ambitious of doing business in India and also other parts of the world, do require proper agmark certification to their products, for better marketability and profitability. Our agmark certification services are available to help them comprehensively and gratifyingly.

Agmark Certfication Worldwide

We provide agmark certification services to companies of India and all other countries of all around the world, dealing in diverse agricultural products and commodities. The Indian market is one of the largest and ever-expanding markets of the world. Therefore, these Indian and foreign companies preferably need agmark certification to their products for better marketability, popularity, goodwill, and profitability. The agmark certification process requires the following documents:

  • Duly authenticated copy of test report(s), from accredited and agmark recognized testing laboratory
  • Certificate of Company Registration, together with documents governing and managing its operations and activities
  • Name of Applicant and Company
  • Name of Product
  • Sample of the Product (in packet or pouch containing 500 gm or one Kg)
  • Exact Date, Month, and Year of Production
  • And, other documentary evidence in support for the quality of their product